Evan Starkman’s The Bait Shoppe Will Launch Your Brand into Success


For years, click-through rates, press and social impressions, and confusing amplification metrics were the gold standard for how brands quantified the success of their events and experiential campaigns.  Brands routinely underutilized the right tactics and overspent. However, consumers now more than ever get to define what content they consume and can also be vocal about brand content they do not enjoy. Now, more than ever, there is a prime opportunity to capitalize on the power of experiences. For brands, this means providing audiences more compelling content to share and controlling the brand narrative by empowering the consumer.  Insert The Bait Shoppe, an experiential and event based marketing agency that has helped international companies acquire brand loyalty using innovative and out of the box strategies. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, The Bait Shoppe is the only option.

Benefits of using an Experiential Marketing Agency

While traditional advertising campaigns have boded well for brands in years prior, it’s time to change. This change must incorporate an element of interactivity through experiential marketing campaigns. These types of campaigns offer a unique advantage over going the more traditional route in that they offer your audience a chance to “feel” the elements of your brand for themselves. By doing so, you’ll in turn set yourself apart from competitors who aren’t aware that fostering a two-way conversation with your audience will yield the most promising results. However, empowering the consumer to tell your story means you need a team of experts to help build and share the experiences and not all agencies are created equally, warns Evan Starkman. A good agency focuses on the metrics that indicate how an immersive experience drives deeper emotional impact and shifts long-term consumer perception. In other words, how does an experience capture the audience’s attention, then convert that attention into enhanced consideration, sentiment and affinity?

Who is The Bait Shoppe?

Evan Starkman’s successful career in television, hosting various events and television shows, exposed him to a diverse group of clients and their story telling needs. Seeing an opportunity for brands to tell better consumer stories through integrated events, The Bait Shoppe was born in 2010.  As Founder and CEO, Starkman has designed a marketing agency that embraces digital culture and highly values in-person connections between brands and consumers. The Bait Shoppe’s in-house creatives challenge the future of marketing with bold interactive experiences, bringing brands to life in vivid, tech-savvy and modern ways. The Bait Shoppe treats people as the new media and tries to create impactful experiences that get shared. When relying on the consumer to tell your brand story its important that your agency can foster context, dialogue and authenticity. The Bait Shoppe has continued to bring services in house so as to better to respond to consumers and brands in the fast paced story telling landscape with strategy, creative, production, technical production, fabrication, detail drawing, architecture, 3D modeling, graphic design and more all under one roof. Ultimately when a customer shares a positive experience, its more meaningful than advertising that comes directly from a brand. As a hybrid agency of strategic thinking, client services, and seasoned production, we can handle the creation of experiences from concept and design through execution faster than anyone else.

Why choose the Bait Shoppe?

THERE ARE NO BIG WORDS AND FLUFFY IDEOLOGIES at The Bait Shoppe. Since their inception in 2011, The Bait Shoppe has turned heads, broken rules and added an impressive client roster in an effort to become an EVERYTHING agency which can keep up with the speed of today’s culture and experiences. As the only agency which owns its own fabrication facility, The Bait Shoppe guarantees that they can bake a budget in less than 12 hours, can provide a proof of concept in less than 24 hours and without any pass through costs or communications will attack timelines others simply wont!  The proof is in their work for major brands, such as Lyft, Old Navy, Samsung, and Sheraton. With Evan Starkman leading the team, your brand will achieve a level of success you could only dream of.