Evan Starkman Explores the Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From 4 Major Companies


Marketing is a tool every company must master to achieve success. Unfortunately, more often than not, companies struggle to find their identity and accurately represent it to the public. Furthermore, they must continuously adapt to their environment and reinvent themselves accordingly. Evan Starkman is the CEO of The Bait Shoppe, an experiential marketing agency that helps companies find their voice and place within this content-heavy world. While assisting businesses to grow, Starkman and his team get inspiration from some of the most well-known companies of our generation. Here are a few lessons from the worlds best;


Apple is one of the most well-known technology companies in the world. Thanks to their game changing products, Apple has established themselves as the leaders in smart technology all over the world. What has made them so successful? They knew what people wanted before people themselves even knew, explains Evan Starkman. Apple never used focus groups or research because Apple is its focus group. It controls its channel and message with power and assertiveness, making us want the newest product of theirs before we even know what it is. How can one company manage to succeed so well and destroy their competition? Apple is innovative, simple, and right to the point. Their products and advertisements radiate simplicity and professionality. They have marketed themselves in a way that makes you trust them and their creativity. What you can learn from Apple, says Evan Starkman, is to be innovative and adventurous with your products by paying attention to the growing needs of our society. Find an issue, provide a solution, and the rest is history.


Geico is one of the most recognizable insurance brands in the world, with an impressive 10 million policyholders and $28 billion in assets. How they got to their level of success is based upon strong marketing and a simple yet fun message. With some of the best ad concepts on the planet, Geico has turned an ordinarily boring topic into a fun one. Think of their commercials: The Gekko, the Caveman, the little piggy, and the electricity-generating guinea pigs in a rowboat. These advertisements have made them stand out from other insurance brands, which often fail to spark the interest of consumers. Remember to consider how you want to present your business, warns Evan Starkman, sometimes raising awareness and having fun is more important than explicitly discussing a price point or differentiation.


Evan Starkman assigns Coca-Cola’s success largely to their brand consistency. While some brands are forced to re-brand and develop new identities to remain profitable over decades, Coca-Cola has managed to keep their brand identity and product consistency for over 130 years. People like familiarity and more importantly they trust friendship. By staying consistent, they have allowed others to form memories with their products, creating a strong relationship with the brand. When these consumers are faced with buying Coca-Cola or a competitor, this brand commitment will lead them to choose Coca-Cola. Even though Coca-Cola has been around for years, their logo has stayed relatively the same, and their marketing slogans have promoted the same message.


Colgate is a fantastic brand highly trusted by consumers and professionals in the oral health world. In order to create this trust, Colgate established themselves as an educational source and created the Oral Health Centre, an online platform that discusses various mouth health related topics, such as conditions, healthy practices, and cosmetic dentistry. Their advertising and marketing content discusses topics such as flossing and brushing methods. Evan Starkman says this is a great way to establish a brand as a reliable and trustworthy source, which encourages consumers to purchase Colgate over less active and less known competitors. Their advertising isn’t “in your face”, outright competitive (unlike other brands that directly target competitors) and shows warmth, all of which are great properties for something so important and necessary as toothpaste! When a company shows they care about their consumers, it is difficult to ignore, which is why Colgate continues to be hugely successful.

Marketing can feel overwhelming to all business owners, no matter your size or specialty. The important thing is that you create a marketing plan and stick with it, says Evan Starkman. Whether you hire a marketing agency or form a marketing department, marketing is a necessary component to your business, especially if you want to reach international success similar to the brands mentioned above. It’s never too late to begin building a name in the world for your business and your ideas, and good marketing will get you there.