Evan Starkman Explains Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency


There are many factors to consider when starting a business that maximize your potential for success. One of the most popular and profitable factors is high quality, unique, and engaging marketing content. However, many business owners are not marketing experts. They are experts in a certain area in which their products and/ or services belong to. As a result, marketing efforts should be outsourced so the business can reach its full potential in every aspect.

Evan Starkman is the Founder and President of a New York experiential and event based marketing agency called The Bait Shoppe. His expertise has helped thousands of small and large businesses find their niche in the big, confusing world of marketing. Here are his top 3 reasons why a marketing agency could be right for you and your business.

Time is Money

What’s great about hiring a marketing agency for your business, says Evan Starkman, is that you don’t need to worry about dedicating the time and money into hiring and training employees in-house. Some companies spend months alone finding the perfect employee and training them. Additionally, if your company is just developing a marketing division, there will be a trial and error period, where much time and money will be wasted attempting to develop the best branding and marketing strategies. When you hire a marketing agency, they come with years of experience, working with various brands and facing numerous challenges. You are working with professionals who know how to make your business succeed, and can do so faster and more precisely. With an agency, there is no on-boarding, training, or managing. They don’t even take up office space! This gives you the chance to focus your concerns elsewhere while knowing confidently your business’ marketing needs are being met.

Cut Costs

Often the questions that businesses have when reaching out to marketing agencies revolves around cost comparisons. “How much money will I save with you compared to hiring an in-house employee?” or more commonly, “How much monthly do I have to give you?”. Evan Starkman wants business owners and professionals to look at the long term. Over time, an agency will be more cost effective and successful. Not only does outsourcing marketing mean that you will not pay payroll taxes since it’s an independent contractor, you also will not need to pay health benefits, buy expensive tools for the job, or pay the overall salaries of a marketing team.

Marketing needs are changing. Gone are the days of hiring a marketing agency long-term to continuously produce marketing materials, such as magazine ads. Now, you can hire an agency for a one time basis, and The Bait Shoppe is at the forefront of this movement. They have various clients who hire them to design and run one-of-a-kind interactive events for branding purposes. From personal Virtual Reality experiences to social media giveaways, Evan Starkman and his team have mastered it all.


Access to Experts

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, a lot of your focus is dedicated to budgeting. It can be stressful putting money into something that you’re not sure will pay off in the long run, says Evan Starkman. Having a team of experts that know precisely what your business needs to succeed is well worth the money. These experts have worked on numerous companies/businesses and knew what it took to make them shine which gives them experience and tools to make your goals happen. Not only will marketing agencies bring your branding to the next level, they will also educate you on marketing practices that your employees can incorporate into their responsibilities.


Starting a business can be stressful, and marketing is a major component to achieving success. Evan Starkman, Founder and CEO of The Bait Shoppe, has shown how marketing agencies can alleviate this stress and help your business flourish.