Evan Starkman: Early Life and Education

Evan Starkman

Evan Starkman was born in 1984 in Perth, Ontario, a beautiful town in Eastern Ontario. After graduating from high school, Evan moved to Ithaca, New York to attend Cornell University where he majored in International Relations. Cornell University is an Ivy League research school known for its competitive admission process and superb undergraduate programs. Not to mention its notable alumni, which includes Bill Nye, Bill Maher, T. Colin Campbell, and Ann Coulter.

Evan graduated in 2007 upon the completion of his Honors Thesis. Furthermore, Evan achieved Dean’s List recognition throughout his undergrad, and was a Finalist for Goldman Sachs Global Leader Award (2005). Lastly, he belonged to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

In 2011, Evan received a Masters Degree in Conflict Resoltuion and Mediation from Tel Aviv University, where he received the U.S Peace Institute Award in Conflict Analysis.


At only 33 years old, Evan Starkman has led an incredibly successful and diverse career. Most noteworthy is his entrepreneurial ventures that combine his smarts with philanthropy. In particular, Evan founded Branch Out Clothing, an apparel company that shares positive messages on clothing. Additionally, Branch Out Clothing donated a majority of their profits to various charities. Evan has continued to incorporate philanthropy efforts into many of his business projects.

In 2010 Evan founded The Bait Shoppe, an experiential and event based marketing agency operating out of New York City. Specializing in taking brands to the next level and creating interactive experiences for consumers, The Bait Shoppe has emerged as an innovative agency. Specifically, they have become well known for their refreshingly direct and unique content creation that facilitates interaction between brands and consumers. From Virtual Reality to autonomous driving platforms, The Bait Shoppe has successfully facilitated a deeper connection between consumers and companies. As a result of Evan’s innovative practices, The Bait Shoppe has attracted major international clients, including LYFT, Sheraton, and Primark. The future looks bright for both The Bait Shoppe and Evan’s entrepreneurial ventures.



Evan Starkman

In November 2016, Evan married the love of his live, Rachael, in a breathtaking Tulum, Mexico destination wedding. Together they have a lovely son.